Colorado Ethics Commissioner Debra Johnson is in hot water after former co-workers are speaking out about her making them uncomfortable in the workplace. Johnson was investigated and reprimanded in 2016 for lifting up a co-workers dress, exposing her underwear.

Debra Johnson is a former Clerk and Recorder in Denver who was approved by unanimous vote to serve on the state ethics commission. She is best known for issuing same sex marriage licenses before the ban was overturned in Colorado.

Colorado Public Radio is reporting that the allegations against Johnson are from 2016 and accuse her of lifting up the dress of an employee at work, showing her underwear.

Former Colorado Director of Elections, Amber McReynolds told The Denver Channel that this was not the only allegation against Johnson.

“There were a few instances from a few employees over that period of time prior to 2016 where they would express that they were uncomfortable."

An investigation that cost the city of Denver $30,000 was launched into the allegations and found video evidence of the harassment.

The investigation led to an arrangement that Johnson was not allowed to be around other employees alone and she agreed not to drink with co-workers.

Johnson is scheduled to attend her first Independent Ethics Commission hearing in two weeks.

Source: Denver 7

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