Most of us Coloradans love living here with so much to do and see right in our own home state it would be difficult to think about leaving here when it does become time to retire. But there was an article released by MoneyWise about the 25 US States you should avoid when you retire, and Colorado made the list.

Colorado scored a 74 on their ranking of the worst states for retirement, putting us at #25 on the list. While we might be the best of all the worst states to retire in, I don’t like seeing us on that list at all.

Here is What MoneyWise Said Especially About Colorado and Why People Shouldn’t Retire Here

Of course, they started with all the positives about living here like the beautiful scenery, fresh air, breweries, endless outdoor activities while still providing that small-town charm. But they quickly switched to what we already know, owning a home in Colorado is expensive. The median home price at the end of 2019 was $458,000. Lastly, the Colorado weather being unpredictable was another reason why we made the list.

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Do You Plan on Leaving Colorado for Retirement?

While I still have lots of years still to put into my career before I even think about retirement it's fun to think about where to live out your older years. And while the weather can be crazy at times, I love all the sunshine we get in Colorado (but let’s stay quiet about that).
Have you thought about your retirement plans, are you going to stay in Colorado or leave for another state?

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