Road trips in Colorado mean a chance to check out some of our state's strange roadside attractions. Today we will be making 12 stops.

Colorado is home to all kinds of interesting oddities like Bishop Castle, the largest fork sculpture in America, an 18-ton hotdog, a UFO watchtower, and even a statue of a headless chicken.

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Colorado's Top Tourist Destination

The most popular attraction in Colorado will probably always be Rocky Mountain National Park. In 2021, the park welcomed 3.31 million visitors. People who only come to Colorado to see RMNP are missing out big time. Colorado is a fantastic state to drive. Making a loop around the state is a great way to spend a road trip, especially with all the fun attractions hidden throughout.

Colorado's Roadside Attractions

In Alma, Colorado there is a fake cop sitting in a squad car to slow down speeders. This mannequin is actually a well-known roadside attraction here. In Alamosa, you'll find the statue of Old Mose the King of the Colorado grizzly bears. When he stood up he was 12 feet tall. Colorado is even home to a giant serving of french fries which can be found about 10 miles north of Blackhawk on the east side of Colorado 119.

12 of the Strangest Attractions in Colorado

Scroll on to check out 12 of the weirdest/strangest roadside attractions in Colorado. Today's tour will stop at the following attractions:

  • The Mike the Headless Fruita Statue - Fruita, Colorado
  • The Colorado Washing Machine Museum - Eaton, Colorado
  • America's Largest Fork - Creede, Colorado
  • The Coney Island Boardwalk - Bailey, Colorado
  • The Sasquatch Outpost and Museum - Bailey, Colorado
  • The Tiny Town Railroad - Morrison, Colorado
  • The Manitou Springs Penny Arcade - Manitou Springs
  • Magic Town - Colorado Springs
  • The Colorado Gators Reptile Park - Mosca, Colorado
  • Cano's Castle - Antonito, Colorado
  • Bishop Castle - Rye, Colorado
  • The Colorado UFO Watchtower - Hooper, Colorado

12 Strange Things You See on the Side of the Road in Colorado

Colorado is loaded with some pretty interesting roadside attractions. Check out the wonder of Bishop Castle, the largest fork sculpture in America, an 18-ton hotdog, a UFO watchtower, and even a statue of a headless chicken. Scroll on to check out 12 of Colorado's strangest roadside attractions.

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