Today we are trying to make the ultimate "I'm from Colorado" starter pack. We started this discussion with Grand Junction to get things rolling, and we are happy to include even more answers.

What things would be included in your "I'm from Colorado" starter pack? All the obvious things will be included like a Broncos jersey, your Red Rocks concert tickets, and a CDot I-70 Express lane toll transponder. What else?

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"I'm from Colorado" Starter Packs

Does an "I'm from Colorado" starter pack include the entire South Park catalog? A "How to Cope with Outrageous Rent Guide"? Maybe it includes the perfect winter and summer hoodies? There are no wrong answers, but there are points for outstanding ones.

Do We Need Front Range & Western Slope Versions?

Should the starter packs be separated by Front Range and Western Slope? Your Front Range pack might need a Colorado University sticker, and if you're in Grand Junction you might need a CMU foam finger.

There is a Limit of One Starter Pack Per Coloradan

If you have to leave you can take your starter pack with you, but you can not be issued a new one if you return. What other fun things can you think of to add to the pool? Sunglasses, good winter coats, a guide to weed shops and craft breweries? We'll decide only after we hear from you below.

What Would You Include in a 'I'm from Colorado' Starter Pack?

We asked you what is something you might include in a fictional 'I'm from Colorado' starter pack There is still plenty of time to send in your answer with our station app or to follow us on social media to add your reply. Would it be something related to the outdoors, Colorado cuisine, or something else? What items would you make sure are in a great starter pack?

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