The man who shot Jesse James later lived in this small Colorado town, and the folks at Town & Country think all of America should come to visit.

Chalk up another town that may see more people than usual this summer, not just because of COVID-19 restrictions easing, but because they've been mentioned by Town & Country magazine.

Town & Country just released their list of 40 small towns 'that you've never heard of, but must visit ASAP,' and it includes Creede, Colorado. It takes you about 5 1/2 hours in the car to get from Fort Collins to Creede, located in the heart of the Rio Grande National Forest.

It was in April of 1882, that the outlaw Robert Ford, along with his brother Charley, assassinated Jesse James in Saint Joseph, Missouri. After quickly being pardoned by the Missouri governor, Robert Ford moved to Creede, seeking fortune in sliver.

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He opened up a little bar and became a very popular criminal in town; but, about ten years after the killing of Jesse James, Robert Ford himself was shot and killed. He was temporarily buried at the cemetery in Creede before his body was shipped out to his mother in Missouri.

On Town & Country's list, New Mexico is the only neighboring state to have a town on their list of 40. Chalk another up for the Centennial State.

Check out their full list HERE.

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