Once a thriving mining town during the 1800s, Nevadaville, Colorado is now mostly abandoned. In fact, as of 1998 a total of just six residents remained living in the Gilpin County location, and today, only two people call the small city home. This is a vast difference from the thousands of residents that inhabited the town years ago.

Around 1900, gold and silver began to dwindle in the region and as a result, the town of Nevadaville started to fade away too.

However, people can still drive down the town's old dirt roads, and picture what life used to be like back in its heyday. Several of Nevadaville's original structures and buildings still stand in the quiet Colorado town.

One of these buildings includes the Masonic Lodge, which was originally built in 1879. Despite Nevadaville being a ghost town, regular meetings still take place in the lodge.

Explore the Ghost Town of Nevadaville, Colorado

Stroll the streets of this Colorado ghost town.

Getting There

From Central City Parkway, drive towards Central City. Take Nevadaville Road on the left just before downtown Central City. Follow the road for a few miles until it turns into Main Street. There’s a small parking lot so visitors can get out and walk around the deserted town.

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