National parks make for amazing places to visit, and fortunately for us, some of the best in the country can be found right here in Colorado. But despite their jaw-dropping beauty, these parks can be dangerous places too.

According to Outforia, more than 1,000 people have lost their lives in America's national parks. The most common causes of death within national parks are from falls, medical/natural reasons, and undetermined reasons that can't be explained.

Looking at stats from the past 10 years, Outforia gathered information from the National Park service to determine which parks around the U.S. are the most dangerous and where visitors are most likely to die.

Based on their rankings, Rocky Mountain National Park is the 8th most dangerous on the list. With an average of around 4,670,053 visitors a year, the leading cause of death in RMNP is from falls. A total of 49 people have died in Rocky Mountain between 2019-2020.

Other Colorado national parks to rank as being dangerous, are Mesa Verde, which  landed at #38, as well as the Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison tying at #44.

The Grand Canyon was ranked as the most dangerous U.S. national park.

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