There are times as a parent that we feel or rather are totally out of control.  We all have memories of watching the hot liquid spill in slow motion over your toddler.  Watching and incapable of moving quickly enough to stop what’s about to happen and then feeling the pain of guilt as you deal with the tears and aftermath.  It happens all the time.

Let’s take feeling helpless to the next level, how about feeling helpless for an entire school year?  Or how about for schools’ years?   I know in our house we feel helpless when the math homework comes knocking.  Our 11-year-old is now in 6th grade but it’s been 3 years of scratching our heads at the odd language and processes around Common Core.  Now some families will read this and think, “well why don’t they just learn Common Core so they can help?”.  How about because with 2 kids, 2 dogs, multiple other pets and 2 working parents on top of all else we have going on that’s NOT REALISTIC.

So where are the studies that show the change to Common Core representants “X” positive change?  It seems like the more parents I meet; the more people agree with me that this just doesn’t make sense.  In fact, I have met with 2 of our daughters’ teachers in the last few years who themselves think it’s more difficult to teach and that the parental support isn’t there.

So what is your opinion?  If you have a kiddo in school and struggle we would love to hear from you OR if you have Common Core handled and believe it’s the right way to teach our kids…. Chime up!

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