You've been feeling it too, haven't you? The nights are getting crisper, the mornings chillier; summer is beginning to wain.

With about 600,000 acres on fire in northern California, there are no promises that the haze we've seen will ebb, but the temperatures around Fort Collins will drop under 90°, if you've been looking for some relief.

Estes Park will be seeing some great temperatures, in the 70's to get us into the weekend, while the Fort Collins area will see the mid-80's on Thursday and Friday while inching back up into the 90's before Monday.

Each day will bring that chance of showers and thunderstorms (more so on Thursday) but with temps dropping, the chance of the storms being very severe drops as well.

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Here it is, mid-August, there's still almost three weeks until the 'unofficial' end of summer (Labor Day) and five weeks until the actual end of summer, and the first day of Autumn 2021 on September 22.

It's getting to be that time of year when you start purposely messing up Billy Ido's 'White Wedding' by singing 'It's a nice day for a... light sweater.'

Are there still items on your 'Summer Bucket List' that you want to do before Labor Day or September 22? I know that I have at least two summer weddings to attend; maybe I'll find the time for a summer romance before I unpack all those sweatshirts in my closet.


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