The teens may be turning to TikTok for entertainment these days, but I find my fun elsewhere: the Nextdoor app.

If you're unfamiliar, the app allows you to connect with others in your neighborhood to discuss a variety of topics, including safety concerns, local events, job opportunities, and more. If you are familiar, you know that the app can also be a breeding ground for drama.

Don't get me wrong — the app is helpful for a lot of things and often showcases the good in each neighborhood. But it's also where the so-called "Karens" come out.

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However, during my recent scroll through the app, I came across a hot-button debate that left me stumped: should you let your dog pee in other people's yards?

Unfortunately, the original post seems to have been deleted (or at least I can't find it anymore), but I remember that the poster was staunchly anti-pee. At first, I found their stance to be ridiculous...I mean, it's just pee, right?

A trip to the comment section promptly proved me wrong. While many were quick to label the original poster as a Karen, others claimed that dog urine is not just pee — apparently, it is not great for lawns and especially bad for flower beds.

I would never let my dog go to the bathroom in someone's flower bed, but to be honest, I probably won't stop him from peeing in someone's yard. So, I have to ask:

Tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments. Judging from other posts on the app, at least everyone seems to be on the same page about picking up dog poop.

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