They'll be known as 'The Peanut Butter Spies,' this couple that thought they were going to get rich by trading nuclear sub secrets.

Have you heard about this couple? They thought they were dealing with a foreign state, when they gave over U.S. classified nuclear secrets, but they were actually dealing with the FBI.

The FBI spent a year on this sting, where the man who is in the NAVY, with top secret clearance was giving up information that could be used against the United States. In one of the exchanges, they put information within a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Which makes sense, as the couple have children; they know the ins and outs of PB&Js, very well.. Speaking of kids, the Toebbe couple used to be instructors of kids in grades 6-12 in Denver.

According to WestWord, they were instructors at Kent Denver. I'd never heard of it; probably because its a private school and it's a like a bazlillion dollars a year. OK, it's $50,000 a year, but still, well beyond my mother being able to pay for.

Kent Denver, in Englewood near Greenwood Village, instructs about 700 students. Notable graduates include former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, who graduated from Kent in 1955. The Toebbes won't be making the list of 'Notable Instructors,' it would seem.

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I wonder how it all started. Was the husband the kind of guy to 'cheat' when he attended School of Mines? Did they find that after joining the NAVY that the money wasn't to their liking and they decided to be 'bad guys?'

And how do you make that first move? I'm guessing a School of Mines grad with a masters in nuclear science can find a network of people.. maybe it's on the 'dark web;' I wouldn't even know how to get onto the 'dark web,' I think I'm in trouble just typing 'dark web.'

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