Spring is in full swing, which means it's baby season for Colorado wildlife. While young animals are super cute and can be tempting to want to touch, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding people to never, ever do pet or interact with baby wildlife. Humans intervening usually does more harm than good. Plus, it's possible for humans and animals to transfer diseases to each other.

Recently, CPW has been receiving calls of people picking up newborn fawns and calves in the Estes Park area.

Even if a baby animal appears to be orphaned, CPW says it's critical not to disturb or try to feed them. In most cases, the parents leave for long periods of time but are often still nearby. This is part of their survival strategy. If humans are too close to their babies, the parents may be too afraid to return.  However, if you do observe a newborn that has been unattended for over 24 hours, then contact CPW so they can assess the situation.

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