Police across Colorado are warning residents to be on the look out for credit card skimmers, after devices were recently recovered from multiple King Soopers stores across the state.

According to Lafayette Police, personnel at a King Soopers, located at 480 N. US Hwy 287, discovered a skimming device that had been placed on a credit card reader at one of the checkout registers. The investigation revealed that on March 15, 2021, four suspects were involved in placing the device in the store. Two of the suspects reportedly distracted the cashier, while the other two individuals used a gift bag to conceal the device, before placing it on the card reader.

Employees from various King Soopers locations in Denver, Englewood, and Brighton all stated they had found similar devices at their stores too.

Fortunately, staff members at the Lafayette King Soopers were able to recover the device before the suspects could come back to retrieve it.

Police explained that people can watch out for card skimming devices by always inspecting them before use. Another suggestion is to tug on the device to check for any possible layers. If a card reading device doesn't feel solid, it's recommended to report it to the cashier.

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