It hasn't been easy for Colorado Buffaloes Head Coach Karl Dorrell this year. Outside of an opening night win against Northern Colorado and hanging tough with (#5 ranked at the time) Texas A&M, there's been nothing but ugly losses. There have been 4 of them, to be exact, with the latest being a 37-14 demolition to the hands of the USC Trojans in Boulder this past weekend.

Dorrell, who coached at UCLA, has had that rivalry inside of him for several years now. This most recent loss had to irk him that much more but there are just some things that, especially as a head coach, the face and leader of a team simply can NOT do, and shoving a cameraman after a tough loss is one of those things.

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According to CBS 4,

Here's Coach Dorrell's statement:

“I want to apologize for the incident at the end of our game Saturday. We do value the media and the coverage they provide for our program, and this was strictly in the heat of the moment. That’s not who I am, and I hope people who have known me through the years do realize that. I did reach out and spoke directly this morning to the videographer from CBS4 and personally apologized to him.”


e ALL have our moments where we kind of lose control and say/do things we don't mean, and in the world of college athletics (especially football where every week is so crucial) losing breeds frustration and unfortunately things like this can happen at times. In my opinion, this specific kind of outburst should never happen.
  The Buffs will host Arizona on October 16th after a much-needed bye week next week.

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