It's not every day that we are fortunate enough to get to walk around the home of a celebrity. Famous people value their privacy, for obvious reasons, and while shows like MTV Cribs took us on tours of a good handful of celebrities' homes, we're not always so lucky to be able to peek behind the curtain.

However, we've been given a glimpse, albeit a rather small one, into the home of legendary footballer and current head coach of the University of Colorado's football team, Coach Prime himself, Deion Sanders.

Keep scrolling to learn more, and to take a virtual tour of the sports legend's Colorado home.

Coach Deion Sanders' Colorado Mansion

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Coach Deion Sanders was kind enough to let some of the crew at The Pregame Show check out a portion of his home on a recent episode.

For obvious reasons, the team didn't disclose the location of Coach's house, but we do know that it's in Boulder County and it has amazing views of Long's Peak and the Twin Sisters.

We definitely don't get a very thorough tour of the home, but in addition to the amazing views of the aforementioned 14ers, we see some of Coach Sanders' living room, master bathroom, closet, entryway, and basement.

Speaking of the basement, we were able to check out the utilities that essentially run Sanders' totally smart home which puts out its own fires and heats and cools the house with geothermal air deep underground.

Take a peek inside Coach Sanders' Colorado home:

Take a Peek Inside Coach Deion Sanders’ Colorado Mansion

As you might guess, famous footballer and current University of Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has a really nice house with amazing views.

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