It's really hard to be a small business owner in Colorado these days. Here in Grand Junction, we've seen some great places close their doors recently due to a number of reasons.

We've seen places like Bistro Italiano, Tuesday Morning, and others announce plans to close in the first couple of months of this year. This makes me want to shop locally even more, especially when a business goes out of its way to take care of me.

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What Makes a Shopping Experience Great?

When it comes time to pay, are you glad to do it? That is a great sign of a place offering a fantastic shopping experience. You could just be drunk, but I'll bet that location is doing something right. Does your favorite store know you by name? Does your favorite hair stylist know what to do without asking? Does the barista make your coffee when they see you walk in without hearing you order it? All great experiences.

Why Shout Outs are Important for Grand Junction?

If we don't share the good news we are going to keep running out of local businesses. We are very lucky to be able to have long-standing businesses in Grand Junction, Fruita, and Palisade. Many of them advertise on our Townsquare stations and websites. The next time you are in one of their stores, thank them for being a local business owner in our community.

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If there is a place in Grand Junction with a friendly staff, a great local owner, or one that just has you feels special when you shop there we would love to hear about them. Who are they? What is it that makes shopping there special? We want to help share these stories right here. Scroll on to see places in the Grand Valley getting noticed for great customer service.

You Told Us These Grand Junction Businesses Have Great Customer Service

In 2023, prices are stupidly high on most things that people actually need. When you go out and shop, you want to go to a place that still wants to earn your dollar. In a time when most cashiers won't make eye contact with you, it's nice to know there are still places that know what great customer service is. Scroll on to see which local businesses you told us are the best for great service with a smile.

MORE: Let the Amazing Customer Service Shoutouts Continue

Nothing feels better than shopping at a place that values your business. You told us the following locations are doing a great job of taking care of their customers right here in Grand Junction.

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