While the drama around the Bowlen Family seems to have calmed down a bit recently, the rumors of the Denver Broncos being sold sooner than later have really heated up and THIS source seems pretty legit.

According to Front Office Sports and  Broncos Team President Joe Ellis, the team will be sold next year but to whom and for how much is still to be determined. When you think of a change of ownership and new people buying a team, the first thing that pops into everyone's mind is what will happen (if anything) to the team? Could they possibly move them and to where? Here's the thing about the Broncos and this fan base, IF someone or some group ever tried to do that, I don't think they would make it very far...at all.

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Ever since late owner Pat Bowlen surrendered control of the team to a trust in 2014 due to declining health, there has been drama as the trust was to a successor among his seven children. Seven people ALL wanting the same thing and something of this magnitude is bound to bring drama and tenseness to even the strongest of families, and that's just what happened.

That plan was halted by a lawsuit from two of Bowlen’s daughters, Amie Bowlen Klemmer and Beth Bowlen Wallace. They claimed that the trustees improperly influenced Bowlen, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Bowlen passed away in 2019.

Some of the names floating around as potential buyers of the team are  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos,  former Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning (which would be all sorts of awesome)  who has also expressed interest in being part of an ownership group.  Some of Bowlen’s children are interested in inheriting the team and could join the bidding as well.

While we're not sure who or how much the team is worth, sit on THIS for a second, back in 2018 when the Carolina Panthers were sold, the price tag on that was a crisp $2.75 BILLION. The Broncos, who are a much more prestigious and historic franchise are sure to shatter that number.

With all of that drama surrounding the franchise off the field, the team itself is trying to recapture some of its past glory and make their playoff appearance since 2015 when they captured Super Bowl 50.


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