Marijuana has been legal in both medical and recreational forms in Colorado for a while now, but that doesn't mean that there aren't still laws that regulate it, and these laws can obviously still be broken.

Despite easy access to legal marijuana, there still remains a black market in the state of Colorado and when evidence is seized from this type of criminal activity, it has to go somewhere.

Recently, a Denver mayoral candidate dropped quite a bombshell while stating his case about homelessness in the city with regard to where authorities are currently storing seized marijuana and the location that is being used may come as a surprise.

Where is Colorado Storing Confiscated Marijuana?

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In a recent statement by Denver mayoral candidate Thomas Wolf, the politician stated that the Denver Police Department should be using the old downtown jail for an immediate shelter for the city's homeless citizens, rather than continuing to store confiscated weed.

This statement left a lot of Coloradans asking, "what??," including Denver Westword who reached out to the Denver Police Department, the Denver Sheriff's Department, and the Denver Department of Public Safety for an explanation.

It turns out that yes, the old detention facility next to the Denver Police Department's headquarters at 1331 Cherokee Street is, in fact, being used to store confiscated weed.

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Google Maps

While it's unclear as to exactly which building is being used for this purpose currently, it has been reported that the building is located off of W. 13th Avenue and that this system is only temporary as the department made it clear that there are plans to repurpose the building as a new police station in the future.

It's also unclear as to whether or not Wolf is biting his tongue after letting this fact slip to the public but based on the brief responses obtained by Westword from the police department, it kind of seems like this was supposed to be a secret.


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