When thinking about the best cities to celebrate 4/20 in, most would assume Denver or at least a Colorado town would be ranked right at the top of the list. Apparently, that's not the case.

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Where's The Best Place To Celebrate 4/20?

Growing up in Colorado, and hearing all of the jokes from my out-of-state friends and family, even I thought Denver, or maybe even our state as a whole would be the best place to celebrate the unofficial holiday known as 4/20. Hell, we throw massive celebrations for this specific day in Denver every single year and bring in huge concerts to help with the festivities. Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, and the list goes on. Who goes harder than Colorado? According to LawnStarter, Colorado is not the home of the top city to get "stoned" in.

2022's Best Cities For Weed Smoking

Our friends at LawnStarter ranked about 100 cities to find out which was the best to not just celebrate 4/20, but to smoke in general. They based their ranking on multiple categories including how easily accessible dispensaries, head shops, and even 420-friendly lodging is. Also how many smoker-friendly events are held, and how our munchie options are. Somehow, after all of that data they collected, a Colorado city wasn't ranked at #1, but close! They found that Denver, Colorado, was ranked number two. Seriously, number two? We were the first state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana so that alone should put us on top, that wasn't the case though. Who was number one? San Francisco, California, was at the top of the list. Las Vegas was #3, Long Beach, CA, was #4, and LA was #5.

Honorable mentions go to Colorado Springs at #17 and Fort Collins at #57.

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