You may or may not know this, but there is a small town in Colorado called, simply, Dinosaur, and right now you could be the proud owner of a home where you would literally write 'Dinosaur' as your home address.

The Town of Dinosaur Colorado

The town of Dinosaur, Colorado is located in the far northwest corner of the state near the Utah border. It was given its name due to a large number of dinosaur bones and fossils that have been discovered in the area over the years, namely in the Dinosaur National Monument.

In addition to its fun, creative name, the town of Dinosaur really goes with the common prehistoric theme throughout. For instance, many of the street names are named after types of dinosaurs, there are random statues and sculptures of dinosaurs throughout the town, and even the sign for one of the town's churches has a picture of a dinosaur on it.

The Home for Sale in Dinosaur Colorado

Right now a home is for sale in the town of Dinosaur, Colorado. The home is located at 400 East 3rd Street, right between Camptosaurus Crescent and Diplodicus Drive.

The home has three bedrooms, one bathroom, is 960 square feet in size, and sits on a 0.32-acre lot. The current asking price for the home is $124,500.

The town of Dinosaur is quite small, and the home for sale is small as well, but it has everything one would need to live comfortably in a town named after prehistoric creatures that once roamed the earth.

Take a Virtual Tour of a Home For Sale in Dinosaur Colorado

You Could be a Homeowner in the Town of Dinosaur Colorado

Take a virtual tour of a home for sale in the town of Dinosaur, Colorado.

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