If 'going to Paris' is on your bucket list, checking that off will get easier with a direct flight out of DIA to Paris. Oui-Wee.

What would your trip to Paris entail? Love? Food? Art? Literature? Maybe you want to pretend you're in a Dan Brown novel, trying to solve a mystery?

According to the Colorado Sun, Air France has announced that they will have direct flights from Denver International Airport to Paris, France, starting in July of 2021.

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I've been watching a documentary series about Ernest Hemingway, who spent many years in Paris; it would be great to visit bars that he went to in his days there. Perhaps I'd be inspired to write my own novel: Something about an older bald man finding a time portal, something like that.

With the pandemic, many have seen how you should take advantage of opportunities to do things you've always dreamed of while you can. A non-stop flight to Paris could remind you of how wonderful this planet is.

If that still sounds too expensive, you could think about a trip to Paris, Texas; Paris, Kentucky; Paris, Maine; or any of the other cities named Paris in the U.S. 

To be honest, I went to AirFrance.com to see if I could book a flight in August, since the flights are to begin on July 2, 2021, and had no luck. That could just be me, though.

Get more on the upcoming direct flights to Paris from the Colorado Sun HERE.

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