You may have seen them working on top of the old First National Bank Building in Loveland and getting your hopes up about a rooftop bar. That is not the case.

Rooftop Patio in Loveland
Dave Jensen, TSM

Folks have talked for years about how well a rooftop patio bar would do in Downtown Loveland. Something hip and cool-like the one above Illegal Pete’s in Old Town Fort Collins. Recently in Downtown Loveland, they’ve been working on what LOOKS like will be a rooftop bar. Rejoicing ensued! Yeah! Then, come to find out, that’s all wrong.

Desk Chair Workspace will soon be operating in the old First National Bank Building. It will be a new kind of office building – more like a community. It does sound pretty great, from what you can read at their website. Members of their workspace community will have access to the rooftop patio. That rooftop patio being a conference space/zen garden.

Oh, a zen garden.

I Facebook messaged Desk Chair and they did say that the rooftop will probably be open to the public on select occasions.

On the bright side, they will have a café on the ground floor- Five Tables Café- and that will open to the public with beer and wine!

Where would YOU put a rooftop bar in Downtown?

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