To butcher Taylor Swift's latest hit: "It's me. Hi. You're the problem — not me."

I'm talking to the four-wheel drivers I encountered on my way to work during Colorado's recent snowstorm. But first, let me clear some things up.

I am not addressing all four-wheel drivers. Most of you are fine on the roads, and if you consider yourself a part of that "good driving" group, then don't worry — I'm not mad at you.

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I'm also aware that driving under the speed limit can be dangerous and that some people go way too slow when there's snow on the roads. However, I am not one of those people.

I have driven through the Colorado snow in some variation of a used, early-2000s Honda since I got my license. I understand the concepts of shifting gears and navigating icy terrain.

I also know when my car is at risk of fishtailing or being unable to stop at a sudden red light — and in those cases, I will drive slower. This is where the "jerk four-wheel drivers" come in.

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Despite the fact that I was only going around five under on my way to work, you tailgated me, cut me off when there wasn't room (forcing a break slam-and-slide), and illegally tried to pass me in a single-turn lane.

Side note: Why did you look so nervous when you started to slide out of the over-crowded single-turn lane and into the intersection? What else did you expect? 

I'm not asking you to drive slower. I'm not asking you not to pass me. I'm just asking that you attempt to keep your road rage in check and follow the basic rules of the road — is that too much?

I hope not.

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