Seeing elk as you drive through Estes Park makes you realize more and more how majestic they are. But that doesn't mean you should get near them.

One thing I have noticed since I moved to Northern Colorado a short two years ago is that not many people from out of state use much common sense when they see an elk in the town of Estes Park.

This is especially true during rutting season, or when a young calf is around.

No matter how many videos get posted around the internet showing what NOT to do, people (tourists in particular) still take that chance to try to get the best selfie they possibly can.

After doing a search on Youtube looking for these "city-it's" in action, it amazes me how many people have done this over the years...and how many have been caught on video!

See here we go, the five videos that stand out to me when doing a search of elk attacks in Estes Park.

And smart. If you want a photo, take it from a distance. Leave these animals along because a selfie isn't worth getting taken down at the stomach.




  • 1

    A Selfie Isn't Worth It When Encountering These Creatures

    I'm sorry but when the police have to come out to tell everyone to back away, you are way too close. But not as close as this man who has his camera strapped around his neck looking to get "up close and personal". The only way he could've gotten closer is if the antlers from the elk were shoved up his nose.

  • 2

    Did He Not See How Man Elk Were There?

    I mean...really. Look at the amount of elk in this video and tell me why it never crossed this guy's mind that this was a smart thing to do. There had to have been at least a couple females this male elk was protecting, and you have this guy with his Nikon looking to snap a picture. He's lucky he didn't get thrown 10 feet over the fence instead of in between it.

  • 3

    Being Charged by an Elk is Common Enough for the BBC to Cover It

    The BBC actually did a story on the elk in Estes Park, and actually included a portion in the story about the elk charges that occur with people. What's interesting in this video is the man, at the end, who is LAUGHING when an elk starts to charge at him! Really?!?!

  • 4

    Drop the Camera!!

    Here's a tip for you...when being charged by an elk...DROP YOUR CAMERA!!! What's more important? A selfie or your life?

  • 5

    One Tip for You...Never RUN!

    Always make yourself look LARGE to the elk to scare it away. Never run away like this guy did.

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