The Loveland Police Department is investigating a violent altercation between two men that occurred outside of a Loveland Safeway over the weekend.

At approximately 10:45 a.m. on Saturday (December 5) Loveland PD officers were  dispatched to the Safeway at 2321 W. Eisenhower Boulevard, after a 27-year-old man called to report that he had been hit in the head.

According to 9News Denver, Officers reviewed surveillance video, which revealed a series of events that led to the confrontation.

Footage showed the 27-year-old man entering the grocery store, when he crossed paths with a 40-year-old man who was exiting. In the video, it appeared that the 40-year-old had a blue bandana around his neck, but did not have the face covering over his mouth. The 27-year-old then confronted the other man, causing him to step back inside the store. Video then shows the 27-year-old pulling out his cellphone, appearing to record, while running towards the man as he left the store.

Witnesses at the Safeway were able to fill police in on what happened next.

The 27-year-old reportedly followed the man into the parking lot, where the two continued to argue. The complainant then followed the man to his vehicle, where the man proceeded to take out a window scraper and hit the complainant over the head.

Upon being hit in the head, the complainant fell to the ground. The other man then picked up the 27-year-old's cell phone and broke it, before driving away from the scene.

Loveland Police have identified both men, but have not yet been able to contact the second suspect who left the store. According to Loveland PD, both men could face charges of disorderly conduct, and charges of assault and criminal mischief are also being considered.

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