Bird City Colorado is part of a larger, worldwide conservation program known as Bird City Americas. Through this incredible initiative led by Environment for the Americas, cities in Colorado, Latin America, and the Caribbean have taken measures that massively benefit bird populations.

Fort Collins is currently one of three communities in Colorado that's officially designated as a Bird City. Since joining the program in November 2022, Fort Collins residents have immensely aided in the conservation of avian species in the area.

The commitments that have been taken have already helped create a much more bird-friendly environment in Fort Collins. Community members have done this in a variety of different ways, including through educational activities, habitat restoration, and the reduction of plastics.

Furthermore, due to the combined efforts being carried out in Fort Collins, the city was the first in Colorado to achieve High Flyer status. This designation signifies the city’s commitment to conservation across multiple categories and to further action to help birds and their habitats. To become a High Flyer, a community must meet specific and more involved criteria that go above and beyond just being a Bird City. Another key component of this designation means recognizing and celebrating World Migratory Bird Day, which Fort Collins does annually in May.

Because of the city's continual efforts, Environment for the Americas plans to use Fort Collins as an ideal Bird City model for stakeholder participation, community engagement, and impactful conservation of birds and their habitats.

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Both the Bird Conservancy of Rockies and the Fort Collins Audubon Society play a major role in protecting and supporting birds in Northern Colorado. Other important local contributors are the Fort Collins Natural Areas Department, the Parks Department, and the Gardens on Spring Creek.

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