Have you been into a TCBY, lately? Seems many in NoCo have as our two TCBYs are in the top 5 for sales, NATIONALLY. They should call it NCBY.

There was a TCBY in Loveland off of Garfield by Orchards for a long time, as I recall. I think I was in there just once or twice. I was young. I didn't know how good yogurt is for you, back then. My bad.

The Greeley Tribune has the story on the two remaining Northern Colorado locations are BOTH in the top 5 for sales, and they are BOTH owned by the same person.

According to the Trib, the Greeley location came in at #3 and the Fort Collins one came in at #4 -for the last week of April 2019.

I didn't even know that they are all self-serve now. What? I gotta get me some TCBY- or NCBY- Northern Colorado's Best Yogurt.

Get more on our two top 5 TCBYs from the Greeley Tribune HERE.

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