The City of Fort Collins has released several statements before this weekend's storm, with the main message: please stay home.

With up to 30 inches predicted to accumulate in Fort Collins, the city said in a tweet that travel will be "extremely difficult", and that if you must travel, you should take extreme caution.

For the storm, the City of Fort Collins plans to deploy 24 plows, but they will asses residential areas based on snow volume and travelability. On the city's website, they say that their snow fighters are prepared 24 hours a day, and their main priorities are Harmony, College, and Prospect. Their plan? They want the streets clear to the pavement by 4 hours after the storm.

Curious about other areas of Northern Colorado? See if your route is on the priority list in Greeley: their snow and ice removal priority streets are listed right here. 

Take it from someone who's gotten stuck in this situation before: if you can, don't park on the street this weekend. Even if plows do come through your area, it could pack your car in.

Another important note the city wants you to remember: if you find it necessary to hit the road, do NOT travel without an emergency kit. This should include extra food and water, blankets and a phone charger.

If you are spending your weekend removing snow, just remember: it is illegal to dump snow onto city streets.

Stay safe and warm this weekend, and don't forget to download our app: we will update you on all of the latest weather alerts.

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