Jeff Wittenauer was suprised when he tested postive for COVID-19, mostly because he and his girlfriend had been very careful about who came and went in their home ever since the start of the pandemic.

9News reported that after his fever spiked at 102, Wittenauer decided to go to the hospital, and he asked the staff about an experimental drug called Bamlanivimab, or Bam Bam.

According to the FDA, Bamlanivimab includes Monoclonal antibodies, which:

"...are laboratory-made proteins that mimic the immune system’s ability to fight off harmful antigens such as viruses. Bamlanivimab is a monoclonal antibody that is specifically directed against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, designed to block the virus’ attachment and entry into human cells.

With a limited supply of the drug, Colorado hospitals like UCHealth are deciding who to give it to based on a lottery system, and luckily, Wittenauer was a great candidate.

Wittenauer told 9News that he felt like a different human being when he woke up post-drug, describing the treatment as "miraculous". So, is Bam Bam the new COVID-19 vaccine? Not necessarily.

The FDA says Bam Bam is just another tool in their belt when it comes to fighting COVID-19, but should be reserved for high-risk patients only. The experimental drug also does not have official FDA approval yet.

Luckily, this Fort Collins man is feeling good after his experimental treatment, but would you give Bam Bam a try? Let us know in the comments, and see 9News' full report on Wittenauer right here:

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