That makes three Colorado cities in the top twenty, with Denver and Boulder just ahead of us. 


According to, Fort Collins was ranked #12, due to all of the changes our city has made to become more 'bike friendly.' Believe us, we've noticed those 'changes' for better -- and for worse -- as we've also felt the heightened aggravation from drivers over widened bike lanes, additional construction, closures and more.

But, it's not all bad.

'Local business owners, in welcoming an increase in foot and bicycle traffic, applauded the removal of car parking spots to create a dedicated space for bikes on Mason Street, which borders the Colorado State University campus.' source:

One of our staff members said that Fort Collins is also 'one of the top cities to hit a bike with your car.' He's not wrong. See what else they had to say about how great Fort Collins is (because we love to hear that).

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