This sounds great! You get photos done by a professional photographer, free of charge!  Need a family photo for Christmas cards? Maybe engagement photos? How about some really great pics of you and your pet! This is a win-win!


I came across this and thought- ‘What a great idea!’ This up and coming photographer is doing shoots for free, until September. She’s going to run out of open slots, so you’d better hurry. She and her partner are doing this pro-bono so that they can build up a portfolio- where they show clients their work and then CHARGE them for similar photos- that YOU didn’t pay ANYTHING for. It’s perfect!

This sounds like a great opportunity to get some photos that you’ve been wanting, just not wanting to pony up a lot of cash to get. A simple shot of you and your family, you and your dog, you and your current significant other- (that one would be great because if you break up it’s not like you dropped a ton of coin on the awesome picture you just cut in half.)  Take advantage of their offer, if you can!

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