Responsibility to our resources comes with the desire to have lush green grass around our homes. As many areas of the once again face water shortages, there will be restrictions on watering your lawn. Greeley says all of it's water customers must follow the following 3 day per week watering schedule.

2016 Greeley Watering Schedule
April 15 through December 31
Single Family
Addresses Ending in:
0, 2, 4, 6, 8
Single Family
Addresses Ending in:
1, 3, 5, 7, 9
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Sunday, Tuesday, Friday
No lawn watering is allowed between noon and 5 p.m.
Tips from the City of Greeley
6 Watering Tips for Sprinkler Systems
  1. Greeley water customers are encouraged to sign up for a free irrigation audit. Technicians will inspect and test your sprinkler system. You will then receive a report that lists recommends repairs, suggests upgrades, and provides a customized lawn watering schedule.

  2. Learn how to program your irrigation controller. Adjusting the run time and the frequency of watering based on current local weather conditions is the best way to give your plants the water they need.

  3. Apply water in two to three short cycles rather than one long one to allow water to soak in without runoff. Cycles should only be separated by 45-60 minutes for soak in. Don’t split them between morning and evening.

  4. Add a smart controller to your system. Smart controllers use information about site conditions and applying the right amount of water based on factors such as soil conditions and weather. Rebates on smart controllers are available in Greeley.

  5. Install a pressure-reducing valve on your system. High water pressure leads to misting and as much as 25 percent water lost to evaporation. Rebates on are available in Greeley after an irrigation audit.

  6. Keep your system maintained and in good working condition. Adjust sprinkler heads to keep water on the landscape and off pavement and structures.

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