It's almost time to clean up Greeley.

Greeley’s fall clean up is scheduled to hit Oct 2 and 3. In recent years, the clean up was held in the Spring but due to COVID-19, it had to be moved to the fall.

While many people have been proactive and tidying up their home during quarantine...If you’re like me, you’ve accumulated a lot more crap than you had pre-COVID so I’m actually very excited about this year’s fall cleanup because they’ll be accepting and will dispose of any unwanted items you may have.

For your convenience there will be a few different drop off sites and something to keep in mind, all loads of loose materials must be wrapped up in a tarp. 

Something else to keep in mind, computers and electronics will not be collected during clean up weekend. If you need that service, you can call 970-353-0662.  Visit the City of Greeley's Clean-Up Weekend page for more information.

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