I have yet to scale one of these famous 14ers of Colorado but this one is definitely on my list. While a popular spot for hikers near and far, a tragic incident recently occurred on the peak of Mount Sneffels.

According to Ouray News, rescue crews reached and rescued a climber who died while descending Mt. Sneffels over Fourth of July weekend.

The man was climbing by himself and had summited the 14,158-foot peak early Friday afternoon. He signed his name in the summit record and was descending when he fell roughly 1,000 feet, according to Ouray Mountain Rescue Capt. Ruth Stewart.

Rescue climbers began their search Friday evening to no avail but returned early Saturday morning where they spotted the body around 7a.m.

As an avid hiker myself, it's always so sad to hear about someone losing their life on a mountain but it's also a reminder that not only are these mountains stunning and beautiful, but they can be extremely dangerous. Here's a look at what this particular hike looks like...

YouTube/ The Virtual sherpa

This gentleman was hiking alone and made sure he let his loved ones know exactly where he was going, and that certainly helped rescue efforts otherwise the body may have never been found.

The body was actually spotted in an area called "No Man's Land" which is not visible from any area of the hiking trail.

Apparently Stewart was an experienced climber and had summited around half of Colorado's 58 14'ers, which if you're not familiar is a mountain that is over 14,000 feet.

Whenever you're heading outdoors, whether it's a backcountry hiking trip, a big summit or a stroll through the woods, always let someone know where you are heading and if possible an approximate time of when you should return.

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