A historic Denver building located at 1526 Blake Street has quite the haunted reputation, but now its spooky stories are being celebrated with a new bar and restaurant that's set to open in the space next month.

The structure is one of the oldest buildings on Blake Steet. It started off as a boarding house and saloon back in 1863. Following a renovation in the 1880s, the site housed various wholesale liquor, tobacco, and cigar businesses. It also served as a costume shop for a few years.

Several other bars moved into the location throughout the early to mid-2000s. Most recently, it was Fuel & Iron Bar and before that, it was the beloved Blake Street Vault.

Visitors and employees of these former businesses have documented paranormal activity taking place inside the building. A ghost named Lydia is believed to haunt the halls, and people have claimed to hear the sound of her walking in high-heeled shoes. Others have actually seen apparitions of Lydia within the building's walls. According to the Denver Post, visitors have also reported unexplained gusts of cold air and glasses randomly being knocked off the bar.

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Come early October, the haunted LoDo establishment will be the new permanent home for a ghostly-themed restaurant and bar, called Honor Farm, A Haunted Spirited House.

Honor Farm Denver is the brainchild of the founders of The Electric Cure and Hell or High Water Tiki Bar, who are industry vets with uniquely creative concepts.

The business's name comes from a former Colorado insane asylum that was known for having a dark past. Honor Farm will be located on the first floor of the historic building.

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The decor inside the new establishment will stay spooky all year round. According to Denver Westword, some of the decorations will include vintage pieces found at estate sales and thrift shops.

A fresh menu, courtesy of chef Jimmy Wanless, is also in the works. Besides delicious food, the bar will feature creative cocktails, even offering some drinks that light on fire.

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