The hands of many humans go into helping to maintain the natural areas around the city of Fort Collins - and so do the hooves of a pack of local llamas too.

Last summer, a pack from Buckhorn Llama Company helped to haul in over 3.5 tons of material for trail improvements during the Maxwell Trail Refresh Project. The animals carried the supplies in sacks on their backs to the end destination.

Several months later, the hardworking llamas are being used once again to assist crews in carrying supplies at Maxwell Natural Area.

On May 26, a team will be adding some soil to a small trail section that held moisture this winter at Maxwell Natural Area. While residents were wondering if they'd be able to watch the llamas in action, the popular Fort Collins destination will be closed on this day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. while crews complete the work. Volunteers will be helping to unload the llama packs.

According to Buckhorn Llama Company, these pack animals are built for the trail. Qualities such as having soft, padded hooves and a calm disposition, are just a few of the reasons why llamas are used to assist with this kind of outdoor maintenance. The use of llamas also has a low impact on the environment, as opposed to other methods, like bringing supplies in by helicopter.

Maxwell will also be closed again on June 1 and June 2 while a ditch company repairs critical infrastructure.

You can read more about the Maxwell Trail Refresh Project here, or visit Maxwell Natural Area in person.

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