On Friday, April 16th at 4:36 p.m. near the Tropical Smoothie Café in Westminster, Colorado, one of Caroline Grace Wilson's worst nightmares occurred: her beloved beagle, Solo, was kidnapped as someone took off in the blue Subaru Forester she had been left in.

Wilson's friends were watching the dog while she was at work, and went to go pick up smoothies with Solo inside the car. As they went inside the shop, someone jumped into the running car and fled the scene.

I was able to talk with Wilson over the phone, who is understandably distraught over her dog remaining missing.

"I've had her since I was seven," she said, "I was the first person to hold her."

Courtesy of Caroline Grace Wilson
Courtesy of Caroline Grace Wilson

Wilson created a Facebook group that houses all the information needed to find this beloved 15-year-old dog, but her biggest worry is that someone in the community who may have recovered the dog isn't checking social media.

"I personally feel that someone has her," Wilson said, noting that it could be an elderly couple who doesn't use social media or someone who may not speak English and therefore wouldn't have seen or perhaps understood the updates.

The best solution going forward? First of all, if you're interested in finding Solo or helping in any way, join or follow along with Saving Solo's Facebook group. Another really important step you can take: Wilson says, "check in with people to see if 'hey, have you seen this dog?'" Friends, family, elderly neighbors, grandparents: make sure your Colorado community knows about the beagle so that she can be recovered as soon as possible.

Wilson also told me that Cesar Millan's pet psychic contacted her and, it's worth a note: the following information has not been proven and is not considered fact. The psychic contacted Wilson and said that she saw her car, in a vision, traveling north west. She told Wilson she saw someone put Solo out on the sidewalk for about 40 minutes after driving, and claims someone else stopped and picked her up. The psychic alleges the dog is with a family in the Arvada area but again, this is speculation and is not proven.

If anyone has information about Solo, contact the Saving Solo Facebook group ASAP.

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