You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw a sign down the street where I live. For Sale: Call Kyle Clark.

I had heard of eXp Realy, but I had definitely heard of Kyle Clark, so when a neighbor's yard sprouted a 'for sale' sign I was, 'What the what? I can't be that Kyle Clark from 9News, right?'

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No, it's not the plaid jacket wearing, hater photos of snow on patio furniture, host of 'NEXT.' It's a local realtor who shares the same name. Good for him. How fortunate that what he does for a living can benefit by sharing the Denver newscaster's name.

It's not like this Kyle Clark pushes papers for an insurance company. Sure, his coworkers might get a kick out of the coincidence, but it's not going to help him make money. Being a realtor named Kyle Clark, is much different.

And, ladies, this Kyle Clark is not hard on the eyes, either:

Kyle Clark from 9News has many fans as well as many detractors; it could be that sharing a name with the 'NEXT' host hinders the realtor Kyle Clark from getting more clients.

Whoa, the guy's name is Kyle Clark?? Nope. Nope. Nope. We'll just go with your cousin.

You have to wonder how Kyle Clark from 9News feels about the coincidence?

Kyle Clark Realtor
TSM/Dave Jensen

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