None of us know when it started, but at some point fast food restaurants started charging what seems like a fortune for what used to be cheap meals.

But with struggle (and a strong need for reasonably priced quesadillas) comes innovation.

Taco Bell Menu Hack

Taco Bell recently introduced several items that will be included in the chain's Cravings Value Menu. The move promises potential customers "10 full-sized menu items for $3 or less."

Among the items included on the value menu is something called the Stacker, which Taco Bell is selling for $2.19 at most locations. The Stacker is "made up of seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce and 3-cheese blend, folded together into a tortilla.

Kind of sounds like a quesadilla, right? That's what some fast food lovers think on social media where photos and videos have been posted to show the similarities between the two Taco Bell items.

"Made a cheap chicken quesadilla out of a stacker, and well ... take a look for yourself," one poster bragged on Reddit.

These posts have inspired others to see if they can create a quesadilla on the cheap by modifying the Stacker.

How The Quesadilla/Stacker Hack Works

The Takeout recently did a deep dive into the supposed menu hack and found the two items do indeed use the same tortilla.

"For such a simple menu item–large tortilla, creamy jalapeño sauce, and a three-cheese blend, with the optional protein of your choice–the Taco Bell quesadilla is questionably expensive," the website wrote.

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To get a much cheaper version, The Takeout ordered a modified version of the Stacker using the Taco Bell app. The nacho cheese sauce was replaced with jalapeño sauce for. The ground beef was swapped out for chicken.

"This results in the same build as the chicken quesadilla for a cost of $3.99 (there are small charges for some modifications)," The Takeout reported. "That's a savings of $3.50 or a 57% discount on the regular cheese quesadilla."

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