That is a common phrase many of us are saying in Colorado right now. I will be the first person to say that I hate snakes. I have always been terrified of them.

My fear stems from seeing the movie Snakes On A Plane when I was a kid. Since then I have been petrified of snakes. About half of the population feels at least a little anxious about snakes.

I moved into a house with a lawn last year. I live in a rural area outside of Fort Collins. I have a backyard and I am unfortunately learning how to deal with snakes.

One Beneficial Snake in Colorado

I was moving my lawn a few weeks ago and I panicked because I saw a giant snake in my yard. From a distance, I looked to see what kind of snake it was.

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I thought it was a rattlesnake, which would have been bad news. The snake was extra intimidating and it turned out to be a bullsnake.

Bullsnakes Are Scary, But Great For Your Home


After my deep dive on the internet, I discovered that bullsnakes are not venomous. In fact, bullsnakes are beneficial for us.

Bullsnakes take care of common pests in your yard such as mice, gophers, and other small mammals. I had a crazy grasshopper infestation in my lawn last year. Guess what? Bullsnakes take care of grasshoppers as well.

Like most snakes, bullsnakes will not attack humans unless provoked. Their philosophy regarding humans is if you don't mess with me, I will not mess with you.

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