Colorado weather is known to change "every 15 minutes," but over the last 20 years, it's clear that there's been a lot of wind. Sure, Wyoming is much windier than Colorado, but we are still in the top 10.

When you look back over the last couple of decades, how many times have you had an event spoiled, not by rain or snow, but by wind? Probably a lot more than you can even remember.

Wind can be simply annoying, with things flying off your picnic table, or knocking over items within your campsite; but it can also be dangerous, when wind blows power lines over, and contributes to wildfires.

Maybe it's because Colorado is directly south of Wyoming, which is the nation's windiest state over the last 20 years, that we are holding onto our hats a lot, as well.

9News Meteorologist Corey Reppenhagen posted a map in May of 2024, showing the amount of High Wind Warnings each state issued over 20 years, between 2004 and 2024, with Wyoming coming out on top with 1,365.

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Over the road truck drivers must loathe having to go though Wyoming, with their big rigs on wide open roads. Hopefully, they get paid something extra for going through the "Cowboy" state.

What Are the Least Windiest States?

According to the data, Puerto Rico did not issue any High Wind Warnings, Guam issued only two, and Louisiana and Florida tied with 18. Louisiana and Florida, however, probably issued more severe weather bulletins related to tropical storms and hurricanes.

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Colorado Sits in Top 10 of Windiest States

If you've been thinking the wind has been blowing a lot more than it used to, you might be interested know where Colorado stands among other states in regards to the wind.

During a 20-year span, Colorado issued 561 High Wind Warnings, making Colorado the 8th Most Windy State in the nation.

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Gallery Credit: Sophia Laico