If you follow Denver International Airport's social media channels, it didn't take much to catch on to the fact that the posts they made on April 1, 2024 were in fact April Fools' jokes, but that didn't stop many people from saying "hey, you know what? This is actually a pretty great idea." Somebody somewhere at DIA probably had to know that this would be the response.

At 7 AM on the best day of the year for social media, they posted:

We're all about convenience at DEN and getting to your gate just got a whole lot easier! Introducing DEN Screen&Ride: America's FIRST driveway to runway service.

Simply book a ride online and meet our specially-trained drivers in your driveway, where they will screen you and your bags. Hop into our electric vehicle, grab some complimentary snacks and get your camera 📸 ready; you'll be up close and personal with aircraft as you make your way to the gate!

The fee for the service is $99 per person for shared rides and $199 for individual rides. Pickup must be within 45 miles of the airport.


Needless to say, it's an idea that although an April Fools' prank, is not such a terrible idea. The only issue I could see with it is that too many people would take advantage of it, and there would never, ever be enough drivers to accommodate the demand for such first class service!

The comments on the post, as you can imagine, included several dozen variations of "I wish this were real!" and "I would totally pay for this!" Sadly, however, it's not real. So we're all stuck having to drive ourselves, find parking (or take an Uber) and wait in security lines like cattle.

One commenter on Facebook asked if the service would include the exclusive alien tour of the basement, to which DIA responded in all caps: "OF COURSE!"

If only they'd posted this on a day other than April 1st, we could all be living the high life next time we travel.

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