Grocery shopping at Colorado King Soopers could become tastier, if this new concept takes off.

With the merger between King Soopers and Safeway/Albertson's, having King Soopers choose a location in their home state, just adds to the value of the chain. Will you be going to this one location to see this new bakery concept?

New Bakery Opens Inside of a Colorado King Soopers

According to the Denver Post, one of the King Soopers in Castle Rock has debuted a new French Bakery inside.  A French bakery that specializes in breads - a boulangerie-style bakery.

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The breads come frozen, directly from a popular bakery in Paris, Eric Keyser. The breads are thawed and then proofed for the local Castle Rock King Soopers to sell. That is a serious Colorado French bakery.

Eric Kayser in Paris
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Colorado's First French Bakery Inside of a King Soopers

The bakery, La Famille Bakery, will have more than just authentic French bread; they'll have French pastries as well: Macaroons, eclairs, etc.

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Long ago, in Downtown Loveland, I recall there being a French bakery, though I cannot remember the name. Mom would send me and my brother down there for some eclairs, once a month.

Will the French Bakery Be in All King Soopers?

They're going to see how it goes in Castle Rock, before deciding.

Flying in bread from Paris can't come inexpensively; I'm going to guess that the prices at the La Famille Bakery are pretty high. Will the prices prevent customers from making the bakery a success?

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