Denver-based King Soopers is one of Colorado's most popular grocery store chains; nearly every big city has at least one. Loveland may be getting its third, where one has been needed for years.

With all the growth that Loveland and Johnstown have seen over the last decade, more and more people in both towns, have been wanting a grocery store on the east side of Loveland. Things could be looking up for those folks.

While Centerra South may or may not be bringing a Whole Foods, Whole Foods is not exactly "budget-friendly" for a lot of people. A King Soopers or a Safeway is what the area needs; with luck, a new Loveland, Colorado, development will include a "Kings."

Where in Loveland, Colorado, Will This New King Soopers Be?

According to the Reporter-Herald and BizWest, the new King Soopers (which have almost 120 stores across the nation) would go in where there is currently a farm, just west of Best Western and Conoco, along Highway 34, near I-25.

Loveland - Highway 34 near I-25
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Having another grocery store in Loveland will be great, if this all goes through. There have been many apartments, condos, and family units being built in east Loveland; the city isn't that "little Sweetheart town" anymore.

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When Would Loveland, Colorado, Be Getting a New King Soopers?

According to the Reporter-Herald and BizWest, by the end of 2026, people from Loveland, Johnstown and the surrounding area will be shopping at a new King Soopers in east Loveland, employing over 300 people.

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