Beginning at 7 PM Thursday night, a major Colorado highway will completely close so construction crews can begin the work of widening a bridge that goes over it.

Because the bridge was built in the late 60's, it's currently constructed of continuous beams that they simply cannot remove a section at a time and re-open the road each day, hence why it'll be closed for at least five days to allow them to complete the project.

The stretch of work to be completed is on C-470, at the Santa Fe Drive/Highway 85 interchange, and will be closed in all directions.

Vehicles traveling on 470 east or west will still be able to continue on, but will do so by exiting the highway and continuing straight from the off-ramp right on to the on-ramp across from it. But cars traveling on Santa Fe won't have it so easy. They'll need to follow a detour east to Lucent Boulevard, no matter north or southbound, and snake their way through a series of detours to get back moving in the direction they were originally going.

The project is all part of the larger scale Santa Fe Corridor Project in Douglas County, set to be completed in the fall of next year. They've been working on it since 2022.

For all the details on the project and what to expect with this week's closures, you can visit the Project Page on the Douglas County website.

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