There are always unique homes popping up in Colorado's real estate market. From tiny homes to mega mansions, there is a perfect home for everyone in the state of Colorado.

This home is truly one for the rock lovers out there. If you love rocks and minerals and you think that living amongst the rocks would literally rock, you need to take a peek inside this home.

While the outside of the home appears to be nestled in a large rock formation, wait until you see how the home was made with the rocks on the property. These large boulders protrude out of the walls and into the home in areas like the basement, bathroom, and even the laundry room. If you become the new owner of this home, you are going to have to battle for storage space in the laundry room as the closet has a rock that takes up most of the area.

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Located at 6125 Hilton Road in Manitou Springs, Colorado, this home is listed on Realtor for $750,000. The home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, over 3,300 square feet of living space, and 1.35 acres of land. The listing states that there are views from every single window in the home and that this home redefines indoor-outdoor living with the raw look of the natural surroundings coming into the home.

This Colorado Home Lets You Live as One With the Rocks

Giant boulders creep into this home's living space where you will feel one with nature. Listed for $750,000, this four-bedroom, four-bathroom home is truly one of a kind.

Gallery Credit: Matt Sparx

For more information on this home located at 6125 Hilton Road in Manitou Springs, see the full listing on

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