Colorado has been a territory since 1861, and a state since 1876. Over 163 years, the Centennial State has invented several interesting regulations dealing with residents, animals, automobiles, and even acceptable public behavior.

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Did you know we have laws on the books in Colorado about lending personal appliances to your neighbors? Did you know Colorado used to enforce laws that dictated you were not allowed to get lost while driving during certain hours of the day?

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Strange Laws In Colorado

You can spend an entire afternoon combing through all the strange, ridiculous, and outright silly laws that have been in place at one time or another in Colorado. Some of the laws in the gallery below are outdated. While they remain Colorado law, some interesting legalities are no longer enforced for good reason.

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Why, Vail?

Colorado is home to several world-class ski resorts with a few interesting laws of their own. Did you know that in Vail, Colorado it is illegal to collide with obstacles on a ski slope on purpose? The city of Vail also has a law that forbids you to keep junk too close to another individual.

Some Laws are Outdated

The city of Denver has a law still on the books today that states it is illegal for city residents to travel in a black car on a Sunday. While it's still a law, this one is no longer enforced.

Keep scrolling to see the nineteen silly laws that still have Colorado talking in the gallery below.

19 of the Silliest Laws on the Books In Colorado

The Centennial State is home to nineteen laws that may seem silly, stupid, or outdated, but they are still laws. Scroll through the gallery below to see Colorado's strangest laws that are still on the books today.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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There are 14 items that should never be thrown out with the trash in Colorado. Check out this helpful list of hazardous waste reminders that should never go in the garbage in Colorado. While some of these items can be turned in on local hazardous waste collection days, six items on this list can get you into big trouble if you are caught dumping them at a landfill.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams