Colorado is the best place in the world if you're looking for fun things to do. Believe it or not, some of these activities have absolutely nothing to do with marijuana. Here are ten fun Colorado activities you can participate in sans doobie.

It may come as a shock to out-of-staters, but Colorado was home to countless exciting activities before the legislation allowing for non-prescription marijuana. The gallery below includes a small sample.

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Fun Things To Do In Colorado Doobie-Free

A handful of sites have published articles on the subject. One site, Conde Nast Traveler, published "Nine Reasons to Visit Colorado That Aren't Pot Tourism." The 2014 article states, "... we think there are more interesting things to do here than smoke weed."

Percentage of Coloradans Partaking

Even with legislation, Colorado does not lead the nation when it comes to cannabis use. There are those out there who believe Colorado to be the United State's version of Amsterdam when it comes to tourism. You'll find this really isn't the case.

According to Statista, the percentage of United States adults that used cannabis during the year 2019 to 2020, when ranked state by state, were as follows:

Cannibis Use State By State
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But Waylon, Why Do You Care?

A few years ago I was visiting my grandfather's grave in the booming metropolis of Benton, Illinois, population 6,977. While at the cemetery, the groundskeeper noticed my Colorado license plate.  As I'm standing at my grandpa's grave, this person,  a complete stranger, came up to me and asked, "Hey, did you happen to bring any of that Colorado marijuanee?" Needless to say, I wasn't amused, especially given the setting. I'm even less amused with the idea that people hold to that stereotype of Colorado.

This is in no way a comment about the use of cannabis. That's none of my business. I'm simply pointing out fun things to do in Colorado which don't necessitate the substance.

Fun Things To Do In Colorado

Someone has probably already said, "Oh, please don't mention mountain biking. We're sick of hearing about Colorado mountain biking" Well, guess what? According to The Denver Post, five years ago a comprehensive online map was made available outlining more than 6,821 miles of bike trails across Colorado.

This would simply be an example, albeit an obvious example, of a fun thing just about anyone can do in Colorado.

Art and Culture In Colorado

Last Saturday, October 9, 2022, the City of Grand Junction hosted its annual Downtown Arts Festival. All new artworks were unveiled along Mainstreet, accompanied by live music and restaurant tours. While not an absolute, many of these activities were performed without the accompaniment of The Ganj.

The List Goes On and On

If you are into smoking weed, that's your business. For those who don't, but who may be of the opinion that everyone in Colorado does, here's a quick list of fun weed-free things to do in Colorado.

10 Things To Do In Colorado That Have Nothing To Do With Pot

Colorado is the best place in the world if you're looking for fun things to do. Believe it or not, some of these activities have absolutely nothing to do with marijuana. Here are ten fun activities you can participate in sans doobie.

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