Believe it or not, recording a conversation in Colorado is perfectly legal. There are, however, caveats to the law you'll want to understand.

We know, you're thinking that your privacy matters -- and it does. No one wants their private conversation recorded and used against them. After reading this, you may rethink what you say in sticky situations.

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Can a Conversation Really Be Recorded in Colorado?

**We'll preface this by stating we are not law professionals, and you should speak with a lawyer if you believe your rights have been infringed.

Yes. Colorado is a one-party consent state. That means, that as long as one party consents to the recording of a conversation, it's perfectly legal. That one person can be the person in the discussion with you, or with another person.

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This means, if you're in a conversation with someone, they can record it without you knowing.

Recording someone else conversation is also legal as long as they are in a place where privacy is not expected. Think of a public location like a bar or restaurant, on the bus, or really anywhere in public.

You can also record police interactions without getting in trouble. If the police try to stop you, take your phone (or recording device,) --without a warrant-- or charge you with a crime, you can pursue legal action.

You also have the right to record conversations in the workplace. BUT! You'll want to make sure your company doesn't have a policy prohibiting this. If you feel you need to record any disciplinary actions at work, you should contact an employee law attorney.

What's Illegal When it Comes to Recording Conversations in Colorado?

Eavesdropping is illegal in Colorado. That means if you record or hear a conversation and intend to use that information in a harmful way, you're not protected. You could face prison time and fines.

You'll also need to remember that other states may have different laws than Colorado. If you're recording a phone call and the other person is in another state that may not be a one-party consent state, you'll need the consent of the other party.

Just thinking about this makes me want to be more careful of the conversations I have in public or with other people.

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