Across the state of Colorado, you'll find small towns that seem impossible to access, especially during the winter months.

This is the main reason why Colorado has so many ghost towns. The location of those towns was not ideal, so people left when the mining operations ceased to exist, leaving no reason to stay.

For one particular small Colorado town, even after the mining riches dried up, people stayed to keep it alive. Maybe, just maybe, the spectacular views, the isolation from over-populated towns, and just a slower way of living are the keys to happiness.

That particular town just happens to be one of the most remote towns in Colorado and the entire lower 48 states of the US.

What is the Most Remote Town in Colorado?

That town would be Lake City, Colo., located in the small county of Hinsdale.

Hinsdale County is the second-least populated county in Colorado, with the majority of its population living in Lake City. As of 2020, Lake City had a population of 432, with Hinsdale County's population being 788.

What Makes Lake City, Colorado So Remote?

Lake City is located on Colorado's Highway 149 between Gunnison and Creed --which, BTW, is a pretty isolated town itself.

Highway 149 can become pretty snowy during winter months, as it winds its way through the San Juan mountains and over the Continental Divide.

Regardless of its potential hazards, it makes a beautiful drive no matter what time of year you take it.

The Strangest Thing That Put Lake City, Colorado on the Map

Colorado's cannibal, Alfred Packer, was tried for murder and cannibalism in Lake City. You may know him as the miner who went into the mountain with five others and came out after winter alone. He said the miners left him, but bodies were found that looked like they had been eaten.

Regardless of this dark history, we think Lake City would be a great place to visit. Just don't tread out in the mountains with a stranger, he may get hungry.

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